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KNOTS: Run Singer from the desktop

October 24 · Issue #16 · View online
# Introducing KNOTS, a visual front end for Singer
KNOTS is a quick and intuitive ETL tool that lets you easily replicate data using Singer taps and targets. It uses a visual interface to help you bring your data together without any programming complexity.
KNOTS lets you import data from seven databases and SaaS platforms on an ad-hoc basis. You can configure robust data replication processes in minutes using KNOTS’ intuitive interface.
KNOTS is free and open source and is available on macOS and Windows. Read more about it on the Stitch blog.

# How to contribute to Singer
Want to build a new tap, get a tap added to the site, see what’s on the roadmap, or make our documentation better? We’ve added a new page to the Singer website that takes you to the information you need.

# New target: ReSci
Retention Science co-founder and CTO Andrew Waage created a new target for the ReSci platform.

# Updated taps for Zendesk, Google AdWords, and Harvest
We’ve added `ticket_comments` and `satisfaction_ratings` streams to the Zendesk tap.
The Google AdWords tap now uses API version v201806.
Developer Steven Hernandez revised and improved the Harvest tap.

All Singer taps are available in the Singer GitHub repository.

Ping @brian in the Singer Slack community if you’re working on a tap or target, or have one you want to see on the wishlist, and we’ll add it to the Singer roadmap.
If you finish working on a tap, submit it for review via our Google Form, and we’ll collaborate on adding it to the Singer site.

# Singer seen in the new Stitch community
Have you seen Singer referenced in the wilds of the Web? Let us know!

# Join the conversation
Join the Singer Slack community to chat with us and other users of Singer. Come ask questions, bounce ideas around, and make suggestions.
Singer is sponsored by Stitch, a fully managed data pipeline. With Stitch you can run Singer taps on your schedule, stream the data to your warehouse, and enjoy automated monitoring and alerting.
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